About Me

Over the last two decades I have had careers as a software developer, marketing executive, software entrepreneur, and a project manager for three different digital agencies.

During that time I've worked on some of the world's largest CMS, ERP, CRM, and eCommerce platforms in enterprise environments. I've also worked on many smaller projects that everyone can relate to: brochure websites, mobile apps, web portals, and email marketing.

I've seen my share of programming platforms, including .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Swift, and of, course, plenty of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

I’ve been on the "front lines", planning and estimating projects, talking to users and stakeholders, collaborating with developers, documenting requirements, testing, training, even troubleshooting code. I've consulted on project strategy and dabbled with wireframes, information architectures, and user experience briefs.

I am a certified Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner, but more importantly, I've been working to understand and apply Agile principles for the last 10 years. I also have plenty of experience working in Waterfall environments.

Some of the companies I've managed projects for include: TXU Energy, American Express, JC Penney, Novo Nordisk, Orvis, and MRC Global. I've also managed projects for many small to medium sized companies and startups. Whatever type of web or software project you can think of, I've probably managed something like it.

My interests are in team and organizational leadership, and in a holistic understanding of web and software development. I am so passionate about these topics I even started this website about it!

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